Providing a Reliable Source of Clean Fuel

Element Renewables Group's biomass division operates under our subsidiary company, Candlewick.   We are focused on supplying clean fuel by harvesting large plantations, reforestation, and livelihood improvements to local communities.


Nurturing micropropagated saplings to grown to usable sizes for plantations.

Melia Dubia is a fast-growth biomass that can provide a first harvest just 24 months from planting. Requiring minimal pruning and maintenance, it has bio-pesticide properties to drive away plantation pests and harvested trees have applications as wood pellets or wood chips from pulp, paper, and energy generation.



Reforestation with clean, green biomass.

Commercial scale managed forest plantations, secure large tracts of reforest degraded land with regenerating tree species, employ local land tenants, and provide the wood supply to pellets plants for production of green fuel to the energy sector.

A 2,000 ha plantation will create direct livelihood for 500 people, predominantly from marginalized communities.

Pellet Plants/Trading Houses

Providing green energy solution product to the world, particularly North Asia.

Manufacturing and distributing industrial wood pellets to be used as a fuel to produce reliable clean and renewable power for global utilities and large-scale power generations plants.

After harvesting the plantations, the feedstock is moved to wood pellet production facilities where the wood is compressed, transformed, and packaged for shipment. Element Renewables is dedicated in its biomass business to providing the world with a fuel source that is proven clean and carbon neutral.


Strategic Alliances and Active Joint Venture Interests

Element Renewables Group has actively pursued strategic tie-ups with major corporate players capable of reinforcing and accelerating the Company’s growth track.

The Company, through its Philippines wholly owned subsidiary Candlewick Green Canopy International Corporation (“CGCIC”), has created an equity joint venture with the Megawide Construction Corporation group in the Philippines.  Megawide is publicly listed and is the largest construction company in the Philippines.  It’s renewable energy arm, Citicore Power Inc., holds 60% of a SEC-registered company, Citicore-Candlewick Bioenergy Inc. (“CCBI”) CGCIC owns 40% of CCBI.

CCBI, in its turn, owns 100% of Citicore-Candlewick Plantations Inc., the company designated to develop and manage large-scale production forests on behalf of CCBI.  CCBI also owns 100% of Citicore-Candlewick Biotechnology Inc, the research and laboratory arm of CCBI, holding corporate intellectual property in plant development and unique species, and overseeing the tissue culturing of saplings for the plantation arm.