Lack of Development of National Grid

Southeast Asia and Africa are experiencing a high rate of development in the energy sector. Historically that has not been the case, and thus the lack of infrastructure in place currently resulting in unnelectrified areas and under utilized farm land.

Difficulties of Development in Island Nations

When it comes to energy the demand for power in today's world is essential to life. It is the blood that controls telecommunication, clean food preparation, educational access, and employment. It is crucial that we provide everyone with electricity through clean energy generation technologies.

Old Tech, Diesel King

In Africa and Southeast Asia developing energy generation and sources has had many difficulties from the lack of funds, technology, government regulations, landscape and more. In recent years these difficulties have started to disappear and the need to inject energy development in these areas has increased. Element Renewables Group is committed to continue to breakdown those difficulties and develop clean energy sources in both Southeast Asia and Africa.

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The Current Development Landscape

In Southeast Asia, one of the largest historical challenges has been the landscape of the countries. In the Philippines, where Element Renewables Group has a strong foothold, there are more than 7,000 islands. To electrify each of those islands requires an extensive amount of underwater interconnections between the main grid and the neighboring islands. This was inefficient and not economically viable. To grow, harvest, manufacture, and export an energy fuel used to seem infeasible due to logistics. There just seemed to be a hurdle around every corner. Not anymore.

Our Quest

Element Renewables Group is committed to catalyzing livelihood development and carbon reduction in Southeast Asia and Africa with mass reforestation programs to fuel community and industrial-scale electricity generation with clean, green, renewable energy.

We believe that forging deep partnerships between governments and our members will help facilitate the rapid growth of energy solutions that we will deploy in our areas of focus.