Electrifying Asia with Clean, Reliable Power

Element Renewables Group is dedicated to providing clean power to electrification of remote and isolated areas in Africa and the Philippines.  

Our energy division operates under the name Island Light and Water ("ILAW") Energy Development Corporation.  ILAW utilizes the latest technology to develop hybrid microgrids in these four sectors of the industry.

Off-Grid Microgrids

Providing communities that have had little to no access to power with reliable, clean energy.

The need for resilient electricity supply is driving demand for microgrids in the Asia-Pacific region to the threshold of exponential growth.

Our systems operate remotely, allowing an efficient and effective supply of energy to rural areas including isolated islands.

ILAW's team has been developing microgrids in Southeast Asia over the past twenty years, having put up a few of the first microgrids in the Philippines.

Hybrid Power Systems

ILAW specializes in putting up hybrid power systems for off-grid communities that ensure 24/7 energy supply. These systems utilize a combination of renewable and conventional sources of energy, including:

  • Solar & Battery Energy Storage System
  • Biomass
  • Diesel
  • Wind

Transmission, Distribution and Base Load Generation

Reliable distribution assets are key to ensure consistent and dependable supply of energy to the consumers. The team can accomplish the following:

  • Construct Distribution Lines that can withstand tropical weather conditions
  • Extensions, upgrades & rehabilitation of Transmission & distribution lines




Captive Power Plants

Providing embedded hybrid solutions to a diversified range of commercial and industrial applications


With the rise of eco-tourism, we provide 24/7 energy supply to on-grid and off-grid, hideaway resorts using renewable energy sources. Our systems answer the increasing demand for eco-conscious travelers, as well as providing energy savings to resort owners.

We bring our years of expertise from the off-grid sector to our captive resort customers. The team provides the following services to captive customers:

  • Power plant design
    • Solar panels and battery storage systems
    • Biomass systems
  • Local construction and installation
  • Operations and maintenance of the systems


Our solutions ranges from solar and energy storage installations to financing options for commercial and industrial customers looking for clean and economical sources of power

Pellet Plants

Synergy with Element Biomass

  • providing reliable and economical electricity supply to our biomass pelleting plant
  • steady supply of biomass feedstock from our biomass plantations

Technology Flexibility

  • using proven biomass technologies (gasifiers, boilers, ORC)
  • compatible with other renewable energy technology such as solar and energy storage


What is a microgrid?

A microgrid is a decentralized small-scale power grid system that can operate independently or in conjunction with the area’s main electrical grid or other small grids.

Where do we deploy?

This type of system is perfect for islands and rural areas because they can be deployed quickly and efficiently. 

What tech is used?

The technology used to build, own and operate such systems used to be too expensive, but thanks to new advances microgrids are now an economically viable energy project.