Signed Electrification Agreement with San Pascual

ILAW Energy Development Corporation has signed an Electrification Agreement with the mayor of San Pascual for 3 power generation site locations.

San Pascual is located on Burias Island, an offshore island of Masbate province.  The municipality has huge potential for tourism, fishing, agriculture, and farming industries provided it has a reliable and adequate supply of water and electricity.  ILAW has agreed to providing electricity via hybrid microgrids to three remote unelectrified barangays of Quintina, Mabini, and Iniwaran. These three microgrids consist of the Phase 1 of the project plan for the municipality. There is a  masterplan which includes improving the water and electricity services for the LGU in the town center and extending its services to other unelectrified barangays.  The LGU has agreed for ILAW to begin implementation for the three barangays immediately.

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