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Element Renewables Group (“ERG”) An integrated sustainable energy company engaged in:

  1. Biomass & Reforestation: Supplying woody biomass to displace fossil fuels in power generation using energy crops grown in regenerated forest lands in Southeast Asia.
  2. Community Electrification: Building and operating electrical microgrids in off-grid areas in Southeast Asia utilizing renewable energy sources.
  3. Community Water Supply: Building and operating community water supply systems in Southeast Asia and integrating these systems with our microgrids.
  4. Solar PV & Storage: Providing residential, commercial, and utility-grade solar PV & battery storage systems in North America.

Element Renewables Group Our Mission & Vision

Element Renewables Group creates sustainable energy solutions to reduce the worldwide impact of fossil fuels in electricity generation, to regenerate the world’s forests with biodiverse mass reforestation solutions, and to stimulate economic development in the rural communities of emerging Southeast Asia.

Element’s Energy and Water Group is the leading integrated community microgrid and water company in the Philippines and within three years will be the leader in Southeast Asia. The Group is building its competitive edge on innovative utility partnerships, the unconventional blending of AC-DC solar PV service, and the use of best in class "smart" digital technologies to enable fully integrated, remotely managed generator-to-meter systems.

Element’s Biomass Group is the leading biomass-to-energy producer in the Philippines and within five years will be among the top 5 producers in Southeast Asia. The Group is building its competitive edge on an extensive internationally certified landbank, large nursery and processing facilities, proprietary planting practices, and long-term supply agreements with prime credit off-takers.

Element’s Solar Group is establishing a North American-wide market position as a leading player in the residential solar PV and storage market, currently positioned in 12 states, with strategic expansion into all 50 states and Canada within three years. The Group’s competitive edge is building on the specialized industry experience of a large sales and installation team.

We Operate Three Group Processes

At the core, our businesses are pioneering partnerships with local communities and public and private sector stakeholders to catalyze community development.

Our upstream Biomass Group

The Biomass Group operates as Candlewick Green Canopy International Corp. (“Candlewick”). Candlewick, focused in Southeast Asia, specializes in the mass reforestation of degraded lands to create sustainable, certified biomass to displace fossil fuels, increasing local employment in the process.

Our downstream Energy and
Water Group

The Energy and Water Group operates as Island Light and Water Energy Development Corp. (“ILAW”). With over 20 years of experience in Southeast Asia, ILAW specializes in rural electrification, ensuring 24/7 clean energy supply to support livelihood development in communities. ILAW makes use of the synergy between power and water systems to provide clean water to these communities.

Our downstream Solar Group

The Solar Group operates in North America as Element Solar, providing solar and storage solutions to households and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Element Solar currently operates in X states in the U.S. and will be operating in Y states by end-2021.

Who's Behind Us Our Executive Leadership Team


Paul J. Stephan Executive Chairman

Element Renewables Group


Frederick E. LaCroix CEO

Element Renewables Group


John D. Herrman COO

Element Energy / ILAW


Mark D. Quinn COO

Element Renewables Group - Biomass Division


Sean M. Stephan Executive Vice President

Element Renewables Group


Leonardo V. David Executive Vice President

Element Energy / ILAW

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